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Design for the international ideas competition for the Busan Opera House

Busan Opera House - a cultural panorama

One could see Busan as a Metropolitan Landscape, whereas the landscape does play an extremely attracting and valuable role in the characteristic features of this highly urbanized region. The landscape and geographical location contribute substantially to the residential environment and living, and to the working environment. Busanʼs Metropolitan Landscape is therefore an important international location factor, attracting a wide range of purposes. The design for Busan Opera House combines the functionality of an exclusive building with a shape that creates more than just an exquisite nightlife venue. The Maritime Culture District has in this Busan Opera House an attractive sight from an architectural point of view, as well as a square surrounded by gardens providing vistas towards the city, the mountains, the harbour and the gateway to the ocean.
1. Lay-out, Omnidirectional
The site has attractive sights all around. Instead of the traditional concept of a linear building, the Busan Opera House reacts on its surrounding and becomes omnidirectional. The theatre hall is placed central in the building and the building is oriented to all directions, offering panoramic views. In this way the city- and mountain landscape, and the harbour and ocean view can always be experienced.
2. Accessibility
Traditionally an opera house has one main entrance in the front. But the island has more than one entrance road. This gives the chance to create more than one entrance. In a characteristic and classical way an urban square is created by the gathering of roads: an ultimate location for an important building and the creation of public space. A 360 degree entrance is combined with a permeable facade. This makes the building easy accessible and creates a strong interaction with its appealing exterior.
3. Experiences
The opera island is situated central in a huge parkland. It will be a lively and vibrant context for the opera. A building just for the sake of opera will be a missed opportunity. We create a multi-experience, where art, music venue, architecture, self reflection, relaxation, poetry and plays come together in just one space. It will be a place to meet people and share experiences for both day visitors and theatre visitors.
These three revised principles lead to a new concept of an opera house/building.