• Brief: Design a service that serves needs, promotes as well as enhances the user experience of PMPML (Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited, Pune, India) bus users, using the technology that is being used currently and in the near future. This project was done by a team of four: George Joseph, Manasi Nandakumar, Maseeh Ali Khan and Tanya Bhandari

    Our first step was to go out and explore the current system. We as users ourselves went on certain routes of the PMPML to test the experience and find possible places of intervention. In most places the signage and navigation was in a different language, and in some places there was no signage at all. The digital systems did not seem to be functioning either. 
  • We bucketed the information found in categories, and found some of the general problem areas:
    - Familiarity of schedules and routes.
    - Printed material can't be understood.
    - Existing information is usually obsolete.
    - No awareness of existing information.
  • After research, we came to the conclusion that the people who use the bus fall into two major categories: confident users and hesitant/confused users. With this in mind, we started creating task lists for the system and various user personas and scenarios.
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    Brainstorming and coming up with great ideas that would give information about bus routes, schedules and timing; information about bus stops and boarding areas; something that breaks the language barrier.
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    We finally came down to a combination of things that lead to the solution being a mobile app. It met all of the needs of our brief and the 'hesitant' user. From there we started sorting exercises, paper prototyping and wireframes of the final app design. 
  • Paper Prototype:
  • Wireframe:
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    Bus, That's It!
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    Mock up of our design for a lower range phone:
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