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    Burn-studios.com is a global platform full of potential to revolutionize the electronic music scene ¾ bringing artists, DJs and their audiences closer together. Luckily, Mito had loads to do with it. We developed a site capable of serving tens of thousands of users. We tweaked an html5 audio player to near perfection. Mitoers drew the design of the site and of the essential accessory of all parties ever after, an online DJ stand, the DJ Tool, featuring on burn-studios.com. What makes this site really special, you ask?

    Well, thanks to the awesomeness of the interwebs, Burn Studios went utterly global, not only creating a valuable platform for up and coming music makers from all over the globe, but Burn also brought in her music professionals to discover new talents. How would you like David Guetta to play your track at tonightås gig?
    We thought so. :)

    Client: Mito
  • Burn Studios homepage
  • Burn Studios Dj Tool, streaming music from uploaded tracks
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  • 3D sound spectrum renders