Burghy Brand Restyling

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  • Burghy had been the 1st italian fast food, that found large popolarity on almost all the italian territory, especially in the hinterland of Milan. It was so famous since the 60's till the 1996, when McDonald's start buying its stores and then, Burghy totally disappeared.
    The italian fastfood was an important point of connection and an hangout place for a young generation of student and guys in Milan, called Paninari, influenced by the american tipical image and so, attracted by the global american image fenomenon of fast-food stores.
    Burghy had a strong identity and a friendly, familiar image, that for many italian people still light up nice memories and makes them to put on a smile.

    The brand values that had been find out are:
    - American Cultural and Social Image of fast-food,
    - Family and friendliness,
    - Happiness and energy,

    - Welcome and care.
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