Bunker - Concrete wrecks

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  • Bunker - Concrete wrecks
    Architectural photography

    Sometimes I wonder about the origins of my photographic interrests...
    underground parking garages, stifling tunnels, narrow streets, murky urban landscape...

    That thought struck me last time, during a photo shoot on the beach of Leffrinckoucke (North of france) and more precisely on the site MKB Malo Terminus.
    A coastal battery from the Second World War, composed of many bunkers.
    I remembered this kid playing with his shovel and bucket, constantly attracted by those nightmare concrete constructions...
    Obviously somehow, there were some side effects on my imagination :)

    With that series of bunker photographs, my goal was to :
    - sublimate graphic and architectural dimension of these concrete constructions, thanks to wide angle lens.
    - keep (trap ?) the viewer's eyes focused on those concrete wrecks, thanks to a few graphic tricks.
  • A new bunker ran aground on the beach of Leffrinckoucke (North of France).
    The shooting conditions were far from exceptional that day, it certainly puts into the atmosphere, but it was not easy to emboss surch structures without consistant natural light...
    On this second photograph of the series, I made the most of a tiny ray of sunshine to highlight properly this huge block of concrete lost in the sand.
  • Third photograph of the bunker on the beach Leffrinckoucke.
    My favorite of the series : the Tilt-shift effect works perfectly and the graphic reminder of a bunker's embrasure through the black stripes on the frame is so evocative...
  • I strangely associate the site of MKB Malo Terminus with the title of Philip K. Dick book : "The Man in the High Castle".
    I just love this sequence of words... The Man in the High Castle... One day, I was bound to use it for the title of one of my photograph...