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Bumblebee Toilet Seats is a project which aims at making conveniences a more conducive place.
We at Bumbleebee treasure these small experiences to bring the best for you!
An extremely simple and convinient website. Navigate through the
various categories of Bumblebee to match your choice.
Sensors present detect your poop replacing them with exaggerated sounds.
Atomic explosion, glass shatter, rain, animal sounds are among a few; diahorrea taken into consideration.
It doesn't happen all the time, you can switch if off as well :)
Superb tool for mothers to get their children off daydreaming in the morning, now make your child get shit done fast!  Super effective for long-timers.
After the timer, the electrochair starts working.
Heat sensors to give you the warm and cozy seat during chilly winters.
Comes with temperature adjjusting dial 
Now you can listen to your favourite music or tune into the radio with the new Xpress. Select your option by thumping the seat. Personal music plays through external device (macroSD). Waterproof seat.