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  • BuffyFish is an offbeat tourism start-up basedin Pune, India. The team is a group of seasoned offbeat travellers and DIY tourismspecialists. ‘Buffy fish’ is an owl found in tropical regions of Asia.

    They create interesting jaunts for interesting people. The regular touristattractions get the proverbial cold shoulder from them, as they develop new andunexploited places for their very own niche. The intent is to create green,versatile and enjoyable experiences for the customers.

    Theexperience of travel matters at BuffyFish. They try to make the jaunt more interesting by adding an element of atravel-related skill or two to the mix. Amateur photography, culinary coursesand informative talks related to heritage are also included.

    BuffyFishis the place to be for versatile and well-rounded tours. The world is yourjunket-yard!
  •  While this millennium is one of pluralist ideas in art, design and music, there are certain yardsticks by which a creative person decides that it is not a throwback idea, one that is derivative, but truly original and keeps with the spirit of our times. And this is what we have also come to realize after designing many identities. Just as in music, we tread carefully while we arrive at what would be truly individualistic and original and what would be a sort of collection of good ideas from everywhere. A medley of good ideas does not necessarily translate into a one great thought. In our digitized world, map pins are the most enduring symbols of where we have been, where we are and where we are going.