Buddhist Monks and Nuns

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  • Crimson or orange robes make for great pictures in any light as they pop out like flames in the lush greens of the country side in the buddhist world. Romanticised by the west and still mystic in the east. Monastic life plays a deceive role for buddhists, it gives merit to their family and to each person searching towards enlightenment becoming a monk and renouncing to suffering is quite an ordeal. 
    But this essential part of society and being one of the most colourful is an eye draw to every photographer, myself included. The line becomes difficult to discern that they are also like you and me, have feelings, suffer even if they are on a search to not suffer. 
    I can understand a bit when the Chinese government shouted against the "tyranny of a theocratical state" when invading Tibet. It does make sense especially if the form of buddhism practiced is still in touch with its Indian roots and preserves a cast system, the terror of India. 
    Theological things aside these monks while making a beautiful photo should be treated as fellow humans. Not as flowers in a forest as a human we are the same species so our rules in between differ from rules for other species. 
  • Buddhist monks in Bagan, Myanmar asking for alms in the early morning. 
  • Monks meditating after the sunrise chants in Cambodia. 
  • Nuns with umbrellas in Yangon Myanmar. 
  • Young monks clean the grounds of their Wat (temple). Thailand. 
  • Young monks on railtracks somewhere in Myanmar.
  • A young monk with kids in Nan market, Thailand. 
  • Crimson Monk in Myanmar, seeing stuff sold on the street. 
  • Monk walking around in Inle Lake, Myanmar. 
  • Meditating in Swhedagon Pagoda, Myanmar. 
  • Chatting with regular folks, Myanmar. 
  • Monks on a Bus, Thailand.