Brownice Identity and Shop Graphics

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  • Brownice
    Vegan Ice Cream
  • Identity:
    Designed and conceptualised Brownice identity, packaging, kiosk and mini kitchen area. The first organic brown rice vegan ice cream in Singapore. It is made from organic brown rice. No milk. No cream. No dairy products. No eggs. Nothing that’s from any animal, in fact. No artificial flavouring or colouring. Brownice is a big hit with the masses be it you are a vegan or one who chooses to be on the ‘dark’ side. Once you try it, you will be surprised that it tastes exactly like regular ice cream.

    Check out their website at 
    Site designed and developed by Lim Cai Ling and Terence Yap.

    Shop Graphics:
    A year and a half later came the news Brownice will have a physical shop space in Sin Ming Road area. It was like a dream come true coz the shop graphics were proposed based on an imaginary shop front and space during the design and conceptualisation stage. Everything just falls into place.

    Art Direction: Norman Lai
    Design: Norman Lai and Lim Cai Ling
    Photography: Stanley Yap

    Completed in Splash.