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  •  What first collaboration !

    I have long admired the talent of Iain Macarthur when i was drawing at the university . I was completely fascinated by this profusion of different style that the internet offering.
    There's little i embarked on a adventure with three friends to open a small shop, and soon i wanted to work with an artist.

    Iain appeared to me like the best choice for my first collaboration.

    As he drew I thought all the time "will he do it ?" "will look like a drawing?" and when i received the drawing I did not know it at all to react. I imagine everything but not that .

    I thought " this deer is beautiful" I was and  I stay very pleased by this work. Iain has his own talent but who still as large as precise.

    Thank you again for this beautiful draw Iain.
    I hope you like it ! 
    Pierre. ( sorry for my bad english ...) =)