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Illustrations from a feminist point of view
Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales
For my body of work, I decided to do a series of illustrations based on the Brothers Grimm Household Tales, which were my childhood favorite. Included in the series are four illustrations of the following stories: Little Red Cap, The Girl With No Hands, The Fisherman And His Wife, and The Robber Bridegroom. 
Each of the illustrations measures 22 x 30 in and is presented vertically. For the first time, I intended to render each of the stories as a feminist critic of the Brothers Grimm’s ideas of sins. In most of their stories, the female characters are the ones that have to suffer because of their human sinful nature. Instead of letting both sexes take the blame, the authors seem to make the women be punished for the most basic human drives: curiousity, greediness, the will to control one’s own fate, and even the body that the mother nature gave us.
The media that I am going to use are ink, watercolor, tea, and fruit juice. I chose to use those media because of my interest in water-based media, which can be subtle and vibrant at the same time, and manifest itself with a will of its own. I also wanted to explore the soft and subtle colors that fruit juice and tea have on the surface of cotton paper.