• Oi Oi Oi | אוי אוי אוי
    A contemporary version of a Jewish-Polish newspaper, containing original and inspired texts by the renowned artist Yair Garbuz. The title Oi Oi Oi is a common Yiddish lament, used nowadays as a form of cinical reply to complaints.
    Considering the broadsheet as a lengthier, leisurely read, my aim was to provide a different solution to the traditionally messy format by changing the direction of the text in the spread to consist of four pages rather than the previous two. This results in a smaller format, making it much easier to read in public places. Also, it offers a format within a format; a broadsheet that is in fact a magazine.
    The spread contains several articles; portraying Jewish-Polish cultural steroetyes in a humourous manner, a crossword and its solution, a critical column about Art teaching methods and an interview with the artist Yair Garbuz. In the latter, the (somewhat awkward) silences are represented as well as the answers.