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  • The Story of BrightLounge - A Podcast Filmed Around the World
    BrightLounge is a video podcast about design, technology and inspiring stories from around the world, producted by Velora Studios. Over the course of a year the hosts had filmed episodes in over 11 countries in Europe and Asia, followed by a tour of the US in the summer of 2012.

    Filmed across multiple countries and continents, BrightLounge stands out from video podcasts produced by other design studios. Each episode BrightLounge features an interview with a new creative person or company in a new location.
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  • BrightLounge Episodes History

    Recording BrightLounge has always been a great experience and a challenge, given the different locations around the world where the hosts would meet their guests. The first episode was filmed in Serbia (Novi Sad) with the founder of activeCollab, followed by an episode filmed in Romania. The following 2 episodes are filmed in Thailand and the Philippines. After South East Asia, BrightLounge toured Europe and US. Below are the first five episodes. The podcast is also available on iTunes and YouTube.
  • BrightLounge 08: Interview with the Founders of Techsquare
    Location: Prague, Czech Republic
    Topic: What Is a Startup Accelerator Like in Czech Republic? 

  • BrightLounge 07: Interview with John Turturro of 3 Palms Project
    Location: Los Angeles, US
    Topic: Sustainability and Design - A Tour of Dwell on Design 2012
  • BrightLounge 06: Interview with Bogdan Ripa of Adobe Romania
    Location: Bucharest, Romania
    Topic: A Roundup of Great Tools and Apps for Designers
  • BrightLounge 05: Interview with UX Designer Marko Dugonjic
    Location: Zagreb, Croatia
    Topic: Building Web Apps - Tools and Tips for Web Entrepreneurs
  • BrightLounge 04: Interview with Fashion Designer Cary Santiago
    Location: Cebu and Moalboal, The Philippines
    Topic: The Future of E-commerce and Augmented Reality
  • BrightLounge 03: Interview with Architect Pitupong Chawoakul
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand
    Topic: The Future of Content Subscription and Syndication 
  • BrightLounge 02: Interview over Skype with Identity Designer Jacob Cass
    Location: Sinaia, Romania
    Tips for Traveling Frelancers, Must Have Apps and Tools
  • BrightLounge 01: Interview with Ilija Studen, founder of activeCollab
    Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
    The Best Apps at Startup Bus, SXSW 2011