Our first project for packaging elective at RMIT is to create a luxury candle that differentiates from the 3 competitors: Diptique, Cire Trudon and Frederric Malle. The glass is from Orrefors of Sweden filled with 100% organic soy wax with a handmade cardboard box. Brëgenz is named after the discovery of "thermal mineral quartz" by french biologist, Jeanine Lange at Brëgenz mountain range in Austria. The ingredient is diagnosed and known for its quality to lengthen the burn of the candle for approximately 300 hours.
    The concept of the box is to be scientific and innovative where the surface is covered with Aluminium texture with a magnetic band to enclose the package. It is also ecquiped with the two LED motion sensors for a revelation of the new technology and also to take the consumer to a whole new level of experience.
    The scent is inspired from jasmine, white tea, mint and lavender cedar, crystal moss, lemon verbana, each candle scent is uniquely experimented  and crafted to meditate the scent of Brëgenz mountain and also conjure an air of emotion: celebration, joy, harmony and serenity.