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A witty illustration of what happens when a hippo wants some fun during his break! Pencil drawing, coloured in Photoshop.
It took me many years to finally get round to seeing “Fantasia”. Even though I had seen many a clip from this wonderful film, seeing it in entirety, was a wonderful ride of imagination. Months later, I had the image of the hippos doing ballet with the crocodiles in my mind. Not that plagiarism was in mind, but the ideal aspect of their weight was stirring a desire to capture it in an illustration.
Artistic temperament tends to drive me to work for most of the waking hours, and I am constantly advised to take breaks. One day, I was feeling a little tired, so retired to my bed to take a forty wink nap. It was during this nap that I had the most incredible dream of a hippopotamus bouncing up and down on the bed. When I woke I needed to put it down on paper some how.
What transpired was this image of a hippo taking their rest. I imagined the creature taking a running leap at the bed and falling onto the soft duvet. This was heightened by the twist in the language again; ‘Break’ meaning a rest as well as to destroy something. There then was the connection between the heavy hippo falling on the bed.
The drawing took several attempts to get right and many reference images were used to colour the creature, for realism. 
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The pencil render.