Branding Taman Margasatwa Semarang...Good Gas!

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  • It is my first branding project in 2011.Taman Margasatwa Semarang is the one and only zoo in Semarang. But, this zoo is getting worst ,year by year.For the project of DKV2, I was chosen for rebranding this zoo.Firstly, i have done a survey to know all of the problems, the target market, the concept of this zoo.Secondly, i made the list of the problems, from this list, i found the main problems. The main problem is TMS doesn’t have clear concept and have bad maintenance in health and well being of animals.Thirdly, i was design branding for TMS with fun,recreation and education concept. The target market is children (4-12 years old, SES A-C). I also made the graphic standard manual for branding application guide in order to clear up the corporate identity.

    This project was awarded bronze trophy in carakafest (creative festival), national competition on branding category 2011.YEAH!!!Good Gas!