Branding Infrastructure - Inspire Foundation

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  • After I completed their 2009 Annual Report, the Inspire Foundation commissioned me to develop a Brand Identity that applied their distinctive new look across all of their branded materials, without changing the logo - a great challenge! 
    Early in the Brand Audit process, we identified a clear need for a flexible Brand Identity - one that maintained consistency while creatively adapting itself to the multitude of programs and co-branded media produced by staff and partners. To address this need we developed the Branding Infrastructure in 6 separate colour themes, each with its own set of Design Elements, Icons, Word Templates, Powerpoint Templates, and InDesign Templates.
    We all know that creativity makes us happy. With this in mind, we decided to create a Branding Infrastructure that allowed users to be creative, produce agency quality media autonomously, and create truly unique media applications without the need to bring in a third party agency or designer. 
    This Branding Infrastructure is underpinned by an 'Inspire Toolikit', an extensive library of specialty digital media, and has not only lifted the brand to a new level of quality - we have measured increased productivity, efficiency, and professional satisfaction among staff - at levels comparable to major corporate restructuring and cultural change.