Branding Acnarin (the product of Simona) - Team

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    This project is about Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in 2012. We are chosen as a team IMC for Simona Herbs Indonesia Company.
    We have done a survey, to know which product has the best potency to build the brand of Simona. Finally, we choose Acnarin. I am creative director, copywriter and character designer in this project.
    Acanarin is a product to cure pimples (acne) with herbal composition from Simona. Unique selling proportion of this product is herbal composition. This product is unique but the design was not suitable for its target market which is girls (14-17 years old) in SES A-B.

    Our mindset for the strategy is just like a “boy” who wants to attract “girl.” Acnarin is a product for “girl”, so we imagine Acnarin is a “boy” that wants to attract girl.
    First of all, the boy must have an attention for his perfomance and personality, try to gift an attention to girl in usual, never too high (thematic campaign-soft selling), let the girl attract to boy. Then, they are introduce each other. After that, they have a relationship. A boy introduce his mother (Simona) to the girl, then the girl know his mother and also his family (other products from Simona) day by day. They get engaged and then get married. Finally, the girl knows all the families (all of the products of Simona). We design branding, packaging, advertising, ambient media, character, exhibition,and games for this IMC.