Branding (NGO)

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  • Branding
    heads & tails (animal shelter)

    Project: Branding    Purpose: Curriculum project
  • The assignment was to create an institution as well as its entire language.

    Business brief: A registered non government organisation aimed at the rescue and rehabilitation of animals, which also offers state of the art facilities for pet dogs to raise funds.

    Purpose: Adopt, Volunteer, Foster.
    "Every animal deserves a home".
  • Illustrations to explore the langauge for an animal shelter.

  • Hope:



    lucid, clear, transparent
  • The final form has been derived from an “ear”, as most animals use sound to communicate with each other. Hearing is particularly important for survival. 
  • The identity and colour palette for 'Heads & Tails'.
  • Language application.
  • Signage.
  • Medical vehicle.
  • Visitor passes
  • Uniform, volunteer badges and merchandise.