Brand design: Fantastico supermarket chain

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  • Fantastico supermarket : exterior branding with pictograms
  • The story in a nutshell – Fantastico is the biggest local small supermarket chain in Bulgaria. The hypermarkets offer a rich variety of more than 20000 types of products. This includes bio foods and drinks; diet and diabetic products; culinary stand with cooked dishes; freshly baked bread and bakery products, and meat delicatessen. We won the open identity competition held in 2010. In the process we have changed and created many new pieces as part of the identity design for the chain since then. There are tons of sketches, research and final design proposals for various sub-projects that we’ve done for this company - pictograms, interior & exterior branding, uniforms, billboard designs etc. You can see a lot of the designs here.
  • Pictograms - the core
  • The pictograms are an essential part of the supermarket chain's brand identity. The number and diversity of the pictograms (ca. 200 up to date) is important for the brand design of the company as the items being sold vary from kitchen utilities to Christmas toys and from food and beverages to cooking books. The pictograms can be found on stelages, package designs, uniforms, bags and many others. Above you can see just some of the pictograms we have designed so far.
    PS: let us know if you enjoy a particular pictogram a lot or if you're wondering what one represents :)
  • Package designs
  • Rice package design
  • Puff pastry dough package design
  • Baguette package design
  • Tomato sause label design
  • Canned dog food label design
  • Interior branding
  • Work time table and information list design
  • Vegetables info table design
  • Interior branding of the supermarket
  • School supplies section design
  • "On offer" mini fridge design
  • "On offer" wobbler design
  • Fish catalogue cover design
  • Fish catalogue design
  • Sushi wobbler design
  • Eco-bags and sign design
  • Coffee sign design
  • Cups design
  • Christmas cards designs
  • Christmas card 2012
  • Christmas card 2011
  • The brandbook
  • This is the official brand book concerning the brand identity of the supermarket chain. It includes designs and regulations about the usage of the logo and all other designs created for the company. However the language that the brandbook is written in is Bulgarian as the empolyers and employees of the company are Bulgarian-speakers.
  • The people working on this project are:
    Angelina Tomova
    Marina Hristova
    Alexandra Raleva
    Margarit Ralev