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  • People Solutions Brand Identity

    People Solutions is a national organisational development consultancy providing people solutions and strategic support in the areas of attraction, retention.

    Align the Brand Identity with the quality of its products and/or services to avoid undermining customer-perception of the business.Develop an easily identifiable logotype and symbol for the company. Endusers are large corporate in industry areas. Logo had to be clean,crisp, professional, with a balanced 50/50 measured metrics(performance & behaviour) versus people, with a hint of creative energy/innovation.

    "More than simply a badge, our logo is a graphic representation of our business, symbolising our energy and unique philosophy.

    As partners to our clients, communication is at the heart of everything we do. We listen. We question. We discuss. That’s why our logo is based on a speech bubble , one that comes to a definite point, denoting the solutions we ultimately provide.

    You’ll also notice that the bubble motif has three distinct layers. These represent the levels at which we add value ,organisation, team and individual,while the dominant green colour signifies creativity, one of our core values." - People Solutions