Brand Activation: Real Time Cross Border Penalty Kicks

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  • “Imagine scoring a goal in Italy while you’re standing in the UK”
  • This project embodies everything that is great and magical about football. It is a Real World Activation concept that integrates actual physical performances with social media in real time. Please watch the short video below for an introduction to the concept.
  • A short description of the concept.
  • Live action Proof of Concept video. Projections are done in post everything else is real.
  • The concept can work on a small scale too. With pre-recorded kicks from celebrity players a much smaller set-up could work in bars or in stores.
  • At this stage this is a pitch project but I honestly believe it has a huge potential. I created this project together with the awesome guys at Konstellation:
  • Credits:
    Client: Pitch project
    Agency: Konstellation
    Creative Directors: Thomas Pries and Nikolaj Fremming (Me)
    Designers: Theis Grimstad, Casper Kristiansen, Kasper Nyman
    Creative Technologist: Morten Barklund
    Developers: Mads Sülau Jørgensen, Rune Bromer
    Account Manager; Nicolai Elmqvist
    Project Coordinator: Rachel Neutzsky-Wulff Toft