BranD Magazine Launching Project - "SpectrumISM"

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    Launching issue of BranD Magazine
  • This is the 4-month-long launching project for BranD Magazine commissioned by Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd. I took charge of the market position planning, content planning, creative direction, one year theme planning and many other editorial and Admin structure set-up. 

    Editorial Vision and Launching  Prospective

    [BranD]is a bimonthly English-language magazine tailored for both established andemerging Brand Design professionals around the world. Published in Hong Kongand distributed internationally since 2012, [BranD] informs and influences awide range of designers and initiatives with the latest top Brand Design cases,concepts and trend leading visions. Every issue showcases a world of around ahundred designers and initiatives with coverage across VI, BI and MI elements ofBrand Design.

    Aiming at inaugurating the futurenarrative of brand values, BranD starts off a platform and forum to showcaseand communicate among brand designers, brand clients, design organizations and institutions.With a vision focused on an open diversity, we bring together different partsof Brand Design with high-quality contents, to inform and influence the globalBrand Design industry.

    [BranD]magazine is published by the renowned publisher in Asia Pacific area,Sendpoints Publishing Co., Ltd., which specializes in publishing anddistributing art and design books around the world. Its collaboration networkcovers TASCHEN, Phaidon, Pepin, Pageone, Thames & Hudson, Pie, Index ,andetc….

    CONTENTS: (Every issue expendsaround a set cover topic)
    「Lightbox」: A comprehensive collectionof design case studies with emphasis on the cover topic
    Brand+ : Detailed case studies and interviews on the cover topic
    (Spotlight): Features and interviews with the design entities supporting a discoursetowards the cover topic

    Here is a glimpse of the content :