Bounty Extra Soft Home on Wheels Tour

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  • The Bounty Extra Soft Home on Wheels Tour
    Art direction and design of all creative, including, RV wrap, event tent and marketing collateral.
  • The Bounty Extra Soft Home on Wheels Tour was an experiential Hispanic marketing campaign to promote the paper towel Bounty Extra Soft that works and feels like a cloth. The retro themed campaign engaged consumers in Los Angeles, Houston and San Antonio through a character named Rosie and consisted of a mock kitchen tent, and RV.  Consumers were encouraged to enter a short essay contest for a chance to win and RV or a home cleaning.  Campaign received endorsement through local TV  and radio spots, including local personalities.  
  • Poster for Retail locations
  • Press release screen printed on sheets of Bounty Extra Soft.
  • Web page: Front end
  • Rosie character: San Antonio 
  • Rosie character: Los Angeles - Univision 34 TV spot
  • Brand Amabassadors
  • Event Tent