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Beer company based in the Black Country
Bostin' Beer - Beer Branding Project
We were required to create a beer brand identity, including the logo and matching merchandise. The name was entirely up to us, but the brand had to reflect the local area of the Black Country. My initial idea was to name the brand using the local slang dialect words. "Bostin'" is a different word for 'great', 'or 'brilliant' and so I decided to use it.
I then researched into what the Black Country was famous for. I found that some local towns were once makers of locks and keys, so I incorporated them into the design.
Beer Mat using a simplified version of the logo.
Bottle Cap.
T Shirt print design.
Someone once described the Black Country as 'Black by Day, Red by Night', so I decided to use this as a slogan.
T Shirt Design - simplified.