Boss Hoss mod

  • 1986
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  • Boss Hoss mod
    face lift of a very big chopper
  • This is a 3 week (about 60 working hours) modding project ona monstrously impressive Boss Hoss bike, which resulted in this massive 3.1+ millionpoly model. I don't have a particular attraction towards bikes or choppers, however,I couldn’t help but fall in love with this one when it’s owner, a friend ofmine, asked me to design a quick mod for the rear mudguard, which wasoriginally designed to house a much bigger car tire. After the first thought ofaddressing this issue individually, I decided that the whole bike had to bemodeled in order to find the best solutions.
    Another concern was fuel shortage; aside from being a rareprototype, this particular bike was modded for drag racing by the previousowner, so with a small primary tank and consumption figures of 20-25L / 100 Km,there was the obvious need for a secondary tank to be fitted. After a talk wedecided to integrate it into the rear side, as part of the new mudguard.
    Another part that shouted “Do something please!” was is thehuge car radiator at the front, needed to cool the V8 Corvette engine. It lookspretty ugly and aerodynamically a very weak spot, which seems to account for alarge part of the drag at higher speeds. My first thoughts were simply to tryand cover it in a more integral way than current Boss Hoss models, but duringthe modeling, the idea crystalized into a much more harmonious solution, includinga car-like radiator grille, which gave the whole assembly a unique characterand put the beefier rear in equilibrium, both volumetrically and aesthetically.
  • These are some shots of the actual bike. Almost 30% of the job has been a frustrating consultation of multiple pictures to determine size and position of the components, since I wasn't able to get better views.
  • Bulk of the work: the existing volumes, rendered.

    The final transformation includes:
    -A restyled headlight and new LED rear light.
    -New LED signal lights and chrome details.
    -Front aerodynamic cover of the radiator and partially of the engine featuring a chrome car-like grille
    -Restyled mudguard which also houses an additional15 lit. fuel tank.