Born Hedonist

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  • Born HedonistFetus Creativus   
  • The composition is focused on the mature embryo resembling the number 9 with its’ shape. In the first stage of development all embryos look alike while with the lapse of time they take their   
    natural shape. The same process can be compared with the generation of the creative idea, which
    at its’ dawn has only the general form and is later developing and reflected in design, music, fashion and literature. The creative idea is like an embryo requiring nutrition and time to develop and form while maturing.

    The idea of FETUS CREATIVUS consists in disclosure/bearing of the ideas by creative persons
    or communities and creating of the unique original space backed by mass media

    It is all about Magic, Passion, Inspiration, Design, Fashion, Literature, Music, Cooperation
    and Joy – and it is all sound human Hedonism, self-actualization and self-realization, inspiring
    and enlivening for all other vivid and interesting people.