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a conceptual portrait of Boris Greben'shikov
Boris Grebenshikov Conceptual Portrait
"You are a tree, your foliage in the clouds"
This project was my work for the class assignment where the task was to produce a "review" portrait of a famous band or musician that would represent him in a way that shows his unique style. In this portarit I combined the mystical and beautiful mood  of Boris Grebenshikov's music with the meaningful symbolism that he put into his songs. I used the images of the three songs very loved by me : starlit depth of the Universe from "Adelaida " and  the reoccurring image of a tree from "Gold on the blue" and "You're a tree". In these songs the tree is a beautiful descriptive analogy for a flourishing human being and Adelaida star is the symbol of  light and clarity. My main goal was to create the mood which I feel while listening to his songs.