• Boompack is an audio-video portable system shaped as a rigid backpack.
    It  was inspired by '80s boomboxes (also known as ghetto blasters) those huge and heavy portable radios used by rappers and breakdancers.
    HipHop people is not the only inspiration, Boompack was designed thinking to all urban performers who need a portable and poweful source of music and video.
    What makes Boompack unique it is the presence of a Pico proiector that raises the enterteinment level thanks to images and videos! 

    Backpack shape makes Boompack easy to transport and allows to be used also while moving around and that is ideal for street performers.
    Its composite hard case is impact resistant and water proof, on the backside there is also a smartphone docking station that permit to store safely and use via remote control your phone.
    Boompack transforms every place in a perfect stage for performers or for who just want to dance and to party together.
    A light weight, compact and all in one solution suitable for any kind of situation.
    tech spec :
    # Eight ways speaker
    # 100 watt sound power
    # Built-in rechargeable battery  with 6 hours operativity and power adapter
    # 32 Gb internal memory
    # Sd card expandable memory
    # Usb plug, rca plug and 6,35mm mic plug
    # Bluetooth
    # Smartphone internal docking station
    # Pico proiector with 200 lumen luminosity and 100 degree orientable lens
    # Front and back remote control
    # Auto-sync with one or more Boompacks
    # Impact resistant composite hard case
    # Adjustable shoulder straps
    # Self standing
    # Water resistant
    # 7,5 Kg weight