• Illustrations for "Welcome To Your Brain"
    Art Directors/Authors: Sam Wang, Sandra Aamodt
  •      I met Dr. Wang at a party years ago, and I believe I may have been the only illustrator he'd ever met. So when it came time for him to find an illustrator for his book, he gave me a call. Since I'd done a lot of this sort of work (popular audience, geeky content), he and Sandra got me involved in their project.
         Can I just say how much I like hearing about Neurobiology? (I suppose that explains why I was at that sort of party in the first place). They sent me the chapters as they were finished editing, and I sent back ideas, and we gradually tweaked them so that they were scientifically accurate (in a metaphorical sense), but still fun.
         I've just finished a follow up book ("Welcome to Your Child's Brain"), but I won't put any pictures up from that one until it's published in the fall. Very enjoyable reading... though these volumes might lead to the reader being a bit of a "know-it-all" at cocktail parties!
  • Cover Art Director/Designer: Amy King
  • Here are a few of my favorite chapter illustrations:
  • "A long,strange trip: drugs and alcohol"
  • "Did I pack everything? Anxiety"
  • "Fascinating Rhythms"
  • "Thinking Meat: Neurons and Synapses"
  • "Accounting for taste (and smell)"