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Book Object
Graphic pieces, photo retouching, design and layout of book-Objects.
"Influential documentary photojournalist"

Concept: The humanists photographs of Lange about the terrible consequences of the great depression were studied deeply.Lange changed the study photo for the street. Their studies of unemployed and homeless captured soon the attention of local photographers and led it to be contracted by the federal administration, later called "Administration for the Farm Security".
The esthetic of the project was based on a good choice of materials, the cork, a crumpled paper and the stains and abrasions witnesses to the passage of time have brought us closer to life that transmit her images. Engraving process.

Result: The book object consists of three parts; two such as that which are in the lower part and a third one with the form of "Z" which was responsible for attaching to the others, thus completing the packaging.
Studio: Grantipo 
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