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This is the layout for the proposed coffee table book of Bristles, Pixels and Heels.
Bristles, Pixels and Heels
The book layout
Bristles, Pixels and Heels is my thesis in the Photography Category. Not only are we required to produce at least 24 photos, but also we need to produce a coffee table book. This is the layout I did for the book. I divided the photos according to their art movements. The chapter dividers are paintings depicting their respective art movements. (I didn't include everything in here.) As for the writing, I commissioned my friend Zyrael Fortes. He summarized each art movement into concise paragraphs. I wanted the book to provide information but in the simplest way.

This book was printed, in hard-bound and soft-bound.
The book is 8.5 inches by 10 inches.
Full color. Of course.