Book Design Project - Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

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  • Book Design Project - Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

  • This is my output for a book design project in Advance Graphic Design class. We're asked to make a modern book design for any existing book available. I made this design last year and I can't recall what fonts I used in this design but I'm pretty sure I used Helvetica, Didot, and Cochin.

    By the way, the photo I used for this book design isn’t mine. I actually got this from flickr. This photo is made by Missy (boopsie.daisy) and because I only found this photo a week before the deadline, I didn’t bother to ask her if I can use the photo for my school project. I know there’s a slim chance that she’d be able to see this but if ever she did come across my page, I’d like her to know that I am very sorry for using the photo without her permission and she need not to worry because I only used the photo for academic purposes. :)

    Here’s the link to the original photo I used for the hard bound copy:

    As for the paper back copy, I forgot where I got it from but I'm sure it's a tumblr site and they allow their photos to be used and reblogged (except for commercial use).

    *This project is done for school, not for commercial use. 

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  • Lolita Hardbound Cover