Bonne Marque Rebranding

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  • In 2013 we decided Bonne Marque needed a new face – after all for companies to trust us with their brand, they have to meet a well manicured brand face of our own. We want to target more bigger and international clients and we needed our branding to reflect the quality of the work we produce.
  • We started with the BM logo, refining it and bringing it up to date. From out of that came the inspiration for the whole rebrand. We moved on to a new corporate identity pack, including new stationary, business cards and project proposal pack.
    We then got to work on the website. We sourced new photography that speaks of our Swedish roots through dramatic landscapes. The imagery is emotive and echoes our creative process and the propelling of our clients to better – a journey. We questioned our old layouts and the decisions we then expected our visitors to take. Times change and the so do the ways users interact with interfaces. We redesigned everything – from the code up – making an intuitive online experience that works beautifully.
    And then came the all new copy – in line with the theme. We desired distinction. Everyone seems to employ no-nonsense copy for design agencies. We wanted to be a little different. Inspired by the overall theme we crafted copy that communicates our message through imagery, with an almost narrative form.
    We’re proud of the whole project. We think we’ve created a brand face to be trusted. Every aspect enhances the other – as all brands should.