• Bonjela

    International brand Bonjela has evolved over 40 years into an established market leader in pain-relieving oral treatments for mouth ulcers and denture sores. Based on feedback from the parents of teething children, Bonjela’s owner Reckitt Benckiser recognised the opportunity to develop a milder version of its best-selling gel and commissioned RichardsDee to create a new brand identity for its launch in Ireland in 2012. Bonjela Teething Gel needed a brand that clearly signposts it as a product that is safe and gentle enough for babies yet offers effective relief from the pain and distress associated with teething. Bonjela wanted its new brand to stand out on a range of materials, including detail aids for pharmacists and point-of-sale consumer communications.

    Bonjela is a strong brand that enjoys a high degree of trust built on a deserved reputation for reliability and efficacy. Our challenge was to maintain this link with the established brand at the same time as clearly identifying a new product for teething babies as young as four months old. Looking for a solution that was bright, sunny and soft, we needed to take an evolutionary step to complement Bonjela’s traditional colour palette of strong clinical blues. We introduced sugar pink, a soft colour that conveys a gentle familiarity and calls to mind imagery used in children’s toys and furnishings. An engaging image of a happy baby with a smile featuring newly emerged teeth helped to round off the picture of a product that delivers results.