• Bones Sweet Tea
    A sweet drink for your bitter bones.
  • My inspiration for this project came from a small, eerie trailer park named Little Florida. I discovered this park as a result of a wrong turn and found myself somewhat crept out by the whole experience. The sun was shining, sky bright blue, but the park appeared to be abandoned and there was a barren dusty field in the distance. My drastic imagination led me to believe that all of the tenants were buried in that field. The skull imagery represents the buried tenants bones and the orange rays and neon tea flowing flowing from the skulls eyes represent the bright warm weather experienced on that day. The design of the package and how the bottles present themselves is to enhance the buried effect. I imagined that the skulls of the buried tenants were peeking up from the barren field at the bright sun. As I combined all of this inspiration and imagery, Bones Sweet Tea became what it is today.