Bones Built for Life (Thesis)

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  • Bones Built for Life
    A Non-Traditional Advocacy Campaign
  • A part of my thesis proposal, a non-tradional advocacy campaign for bone health.
    Fine Arts and Design, Major in Advertising

    These are my campaign's print advertisements:
    5 Teaser ads, 1 Intro ad, 8 Sustaining

    General message: Build your bones 
  • Intro Ad
  • Proposal for magazine execution for sustaining ads 1-3 
    flip page says "flip to see how you build your bones"
  • Layout for advertorials 
  • Non traditional execution 1 - Magnetic board 

  • Non Traditional Execution 2 - 8 Art installations (see image below) scattered around areas where people frequently jog or stroll around. 
    Each piece will have a QR code that if scanned, will lead to a game that will challenge you to find each art installation and scan their respective codes to complete a puzzle. 
  • Game component of the Art Installations
  • A Bone Mineral Density Test booth design
  • Spine Stack game
  • Website and loading page design
  • Fun Run Event poster
  • Fun run event stage
  • Yoga Event poster