Bone Année

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  • Bone Année
    The difference between “Bonne” ("Good" in French) and “Bone” is just a letter and a whole new concept!
    “Bone Année” is a Christmas ornament. Its name derives from the misspelled french phrase "Bonne Année", that means Happy New Year. The ornament has the shape of a bone and it is made of birch plywood and it’s wearing a red leather strap. Its purpose is to hang it on the Christmas tree, use it as a decoration item or even attach it to a key ring.
  • The message is silkscreened using two different types of fonts. The word “Bone” was printed using a solid font, while the word “Année” was depicted using a more festive type font.  The red color was chosen in order to fit the Christmas attitude.
  • The packaging includes a grocery paper bag decorated with snowflakes made of bones and hearts. It is printed using silkscreen method, as well.
  • We have also designed a new logo, “When Kanella met Spyros”, to mark our collaboration with Spyros Drakos (and with others designers to come).
  • Bone Année tickled the creativity of the new owners. Here are some examples of their awesome pictures. Thank you!
  • Picture by Vasso Asfi
  • Picture by Radial
  • Picture by Athina Vakali
  • Picture by Lina Papachristou
  • Picture by Milena Dimitrokallis
  • Picture by Boconcept Greece
  • Picture by Dimitria Ioannidou
  • Picture by Villy Devlioti
  • Pictures by Tzanis Bentenis, Maria Papadogrigorakou, Barbara Pappa, Marcia, Loukas Angelou, Athina Vakali.
  • The wooden bone and the packaging were printed by Tind and Chrisanthos
  • For orders please contact