Body Dysmorphic Disorder for the Telegraph UK 2012
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A full-page and 2 spots made in 2012 for the Telegraph UK about one family's struggle with a member's extreme body dysmorphia
Did these for the Telegraph UK in November 2012 for a piece about body dysmorphic disorder.  With a topic like this, the literal approach is wrong.  I know what I look like when I visualize my ideal self, and the “space” between that and what I see in the mirror. For anyone else, I couldn’t imagine.  So the thing to draw wasn’t a thin girl seeing a fat girl (it was a girl in this story, but yes I know body dysmorphia effects both men and women), but a girl not-seeing herself at all.  Or, what that distance between self and truth might look like.  I always enjoy illustrating from the DSM.  Anyone want to send me some more mindphantoms?  Thank you Danielle!