Boardgame for Parents #1

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  • ~This is the first of five therapeutic games for the institution
    "Chile Crece Contigo" from Chile.~
    Este es el primero de cinco juegos terapéuticos realizados para la institución "Chile Crece Contigo" de Chile.
  • They contacted us to perform 5 systematic games including the book inside the game.
    Ellos nos contactaron para realizar 5 juegos sistemáticos que incluyan el libro en el interior del Juego.
    ~These games are for parents and the books are to help parents better understand their children.~
    Estos juegos son para los padres y consiste en libros de ayuda para que los padres puedan
    entender mejor  a sus hijos.
    Soon we will up more about this work.
    We hope you like that!
    New gameboard
    Much more color, less text and icons used to represent each type of card game
  • New Cards Game
    Playing cards have a specific concept and are systematically used in the design
    real size of the playing card
  • We work for Chilean Government
    Our target is to keep improving
  • tuned! We continue to update soon
    Thanks for look at our work!
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