Boa Nova Tea House - View 1

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  • Boa Nova Tea House was designed by Álvaro Siza Vieira, planned and built (1958-1963) during an important period of transition in Portuguese architecture, representing the new "organic" generation to follow. This is probably the most beautiful dwelling - now a National Monument - ever built in Portugal. I would even say that this house is no less than Farnsworth and Falling Water houses, in terms of architectonic beauty.

    This is the first completed image (West view facing the Atlantic Ocean) of a series of four, influenced by the Rui Morais de Sousa photography of the same house taken during the 90´s. In the next images you will be able to understand the house better, how it is so well implanted within the rocks, earth, sea and sky.
    Added some details of the original render done with 5000px.

    3DS Max, Vray, Z-Brush, AE, PS

    Hope you like it,
    Jacinto Monteiro | Metro Cúbico Digital