BoMo. Lettering & logotype for a graphic design studio

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    Bolinches Montañana Grafistas
  • When Patricia Bolinches (Bo) and Bea Montañana (Mo) asked me to do the lettering for the identity of their graphic design studio I was very happy, there is no better client for a lettering that someone who really wants it as identity. The briefing was clear:

    - Two parts that work together as a team
    - Professionalism
    - Neither modern or too minimal
    - Love for work
    - Care
    - Evolution
    - Maturity
    - Feminine sensibility

    My first idea was a stencil, but I soon switched to a calligtaphic script, this is how I arrived to the specimen Fluidum, a typeface designed by Alessandro Butti in 1951 for the Niebolo Typefoundry.
    I digitised and customized the characters for the logotype with no italic construction but different contrasts, ligatures and versions. 

    You can see more images of the identity at BoMo Behance page
  • The stationery of BoMo was designed by the members of the studio, as they wanted to have a stamp, I designed a special version of the logotype in two lines for that purpose.
  • The stationery was designed by Patricia and Bea, the designers at BoMo.They conceived it as a puzzle that deconstruct my lettering. © Photo: BoMo
  • Detail © Photo: BoMo
  • My starting point was the original specimen of Fluidum, a typeface designed by Aldo Novarese in 1951 for the Niebolo Typefoundry
  • Different versions