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Blurr is a snowboard waxing kit that includes a waxing iron, scraper, and wax. The great thing about this project is the graphics are in 3D.
Blurr Snowboard Waxing Kit
This project was a part of my packaging design class. It involved picking a brand that could be packaged in a series of three. It also had to include some sort of technology into the design. I choose a snowboard waxing kit as my series. The series includes a waxing iron, scraper, and wax. I chose Blurr for my brand name because when I thought of something that moves fast, it can be seen as blurry. The pattern was created to invoke movement and the action of carving through snow. The most interesting part of this project is the technology. I chose 3D graphics because snowboarding and skiing graphics can be edgy and a little crazy. Adding 3D graphics and glasses just adds to the fun.