• Blu LA Cafe
    Los Angeles, CA 
  • Blu LA Cafe is a renovation of an existing space into a gourmet burger restaurant with a full wine bar on the ground level of the historic Pacific Electric Lofts Building located on 6th Street and Main in Downtown Los Angeles.

    The clients were attracted to the rich history of the building but not necessarily sold on the idea of doing something completely vintage for their venture because they were looking for something modern. While many of the existing finishes dating back to 1908, from the aged brick to the tiled floors were kept as is with a little polishing, a strong new source of inspiration for the design approach was derived from the deep blue colors of the Santorini Skyline above the Augean Sea. Mixed together with motifs from the Art Nouveau movement which was at its peak during the time of the building's inception, Blu LA Cafe presents a historic space designed for a modern era. Light fixtures, ironwork and art found throughout the space were fabricated by local artists.