Blow your mind!

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  • Everyone wants their New Years holidays to blow up something fierce… And if there’s going to be some meaning to that, even better. GREAT Agency decided to step up and help its friends and customers with this, by giving them a working model of an average content creator – the Blow Your Mind firecracker.
    After an impressive burst, many-colored confetti with shreds of quotes, thoughts, sayings and other products of a content creator’s brain activity add up in a peculiar puzzle which can astonish, cause laughter, perplex, give an answer, ask a question, stump, help overcome a deadlock, cure headache or summon Cthulhu.
    The “brain” contains 480 phrases (1855 words or 9382 letters) whose random combinations display a standard train of thought of an outside-the-box thinker. What’s left is to ask yourself: let’s blow some up, shan’t we?
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