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  • Welcome to my blog, you can view some collaborations, experiments, rejected works, and old stuff, enjoy it!
  • 24/02/11
    Type Experiments
  • 10/12/10 
    Nesquiik_ Espirales loca

    Direction:Electric Park
    Agency: Mccann Erickson 
    Client: Nestlé
    Skills: I did some 3d elements, and some compositing

    Done at Electric Park
  • 6/10/10
    Device Bonus!
  • 15/06/10
    Festa Major Sant Cugat
  • 26/05/10
    Electric Park Test

    Initially it was intended as the open of Electric Park Reel 2010. Finally we try another style.
    Skills: Design and motion
    Done at Electric Park
  • 07/03/10
    Choque de culturas

    Rejected project
    Skills: design and motion
    Done at Electric Park (
    Client: ZZZ (el terrat)
  • 09/03/10
    Done with Harinezumi
    Song: Pink Moon by Nick Drake 
  • 20/02/10
    Promsite logotype for PromTv
  • 04/02/10
    Veo Veo 
    Client: Lunnis (TVE) 
    Skills: Design and 2d animation
    Done at Electric Park
  • 16/01/10
    Rejected logotype
    Done at Electric Park 
  • 18/12/09
    Particle Test
  • 20/05/09
    Comodo Screen: Direction, art direction, design and motion
    Skills: Design and motion
    Done at Comodo Screen (
    Comodo Screen: Art direction
    Skills: Design and motion
  • 25/03/09
    Cute & Paste 09
    Stop-Motion of long exposed pictures taken from a scanner's light. It was the visuals for the international design's competiton
    Device: Art direction, design, photo, animation, audio
    Done at Device
    Collboration for No-domain (

  • 15/06/07
    Direction, design and animation
    Music: Nerko basstar (

    School project, unfinished
    Done at Elisava