Blockbuster: Back in the U.S.S.R.!

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  • Блокбастер – Коллектив Ударных Решений
  • Blockbuster - is a creative studio which makes the not boring and very extraordinary presentations and demo movies for the B2B companies.
    Task: create a web-site with an atmosphere like that studio works in USSR's 70s.
  • Main page. The sign: "collective of good decisions".
  • The hall. The sign above the news-board: "lightning".
  • News page.
  • The headquarter.
  • Workshop of presentations.
  • Workshop of movies.
  • Feedback page.
  • Videos.
  • Process and details
  • Art-director and designer: Dmytro Nikolaienko
    3D Modeller and renderer: Stanislav Nikolaienko