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Complete branding strategy of a television network
Television Network - complete branding strategy
school project
Blendtv is a television network dedicated to the trends and styles in today's art and music culture. The art portion incorporates all types of artistic expression both traditional and digital. Music integrates into the network through their artistic and expressive live performances, music videos, branding, and more. Not every musical artist today is on this network, only the ones who take an artistic approach to their work. This network covers the integration of two expressive forms of creativity into one location to watch everyday.

This was a school project completed in a short amount of time. I'm planning to develop it further and tweak things.
Thank you viewers for your input.
Interior and Exterior of network station located in the fully-renovated & historical Colonial Warehouse in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Web Banners
Website - When the page is refreshed or revisits the homepage, the logo and colors change to match a new feature