Blender Bottle for Babies&Toddlers

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  • Blender Bottle for Babies&Toddlers
  • The Blender Bottle for Babies and Toddlers is designed specifically for the mother on the go. There are six different pieces that can be switched for whatever the childs need are. The baby bottle has four parts, the bottle, nipple top with lid, blender ball, and formula container. The formula cup has four sections that can hold up to five scoops of formula powder. The formula section has three parts, the top two parts rotate to create a spout to pour the formula into water. The toddler bottle also has four parts, a bottle, a leak proof sippy lid, toddler handles, and a snack cup on bottom. The snack cup has a silicone lid that allows for the toddler to slip their hand into the cup to get snacks, but when turned upside down the snacks won’t pour out. This project was a great experience for creativity in industrial design.