• Blake Rigler Identity was built based on two adjectives previously chosen by the client, contentious and impulsive are two words that define his character.
    The brand was developed by using two letters ( B & R ) in a vertical alignment and assembling a sort of symbiosis, since the second half of the B is simultaneously the first half of R.
    Still concerning the shape, the symbol has a spiral form, which also reminds a spring and therefore the idea of impulse. The propose was also to combine shape and color in the proper way to represent the idea of a flame and portraying both adjectives.
  • con-ten-tious
    - involving or likely to cause contention;
    - tending to argue or quarrel;
    - causing or characterized by dispute; controversial;
    - inclined to act on impulse rather than thought;
    - characterized by actions based on sudden desires, whims, or inclinations rather than careful thought;
    - forceful, inciting, or impeling;
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